Our Group is now GO! Athletes

The Board of Directors for Our Group is thrilled to announce that the organization has officially been renamed GO! (Generation Out) Athletes.  We’re also excited to share the GO! Athletes logo.

Changing our name to Generation Out (GO!) Athletes is a direct response a tremendous opportunity we have to increase visibility and support for the LGBTQA sports movement.  Now more than ever athletes, coaches, staff, and fans are ready to be OUT, or to stand up and be allies. We know that athletics are at their best when trained for and contested in an inclusive, safe space where we educate allies and empower young people to respect one another. Now truly is the time for the next generation(s) of out athletes and allies.

We encourage you to share our new logo on your personal websites and social media outlets.  Stay tuned next Monday for the launch of our new website.

The Board of Directors would like to recognize the efforts of Steve Oatmeyer (www.steveoatmeyer.com) – an exceptional art director and graphic designer who created the GO! Athletes logo.  We also extend sincere gratitude to the web development team at Yerger Tech (www.yergertech.com), which donated the time, resources, and expertise needed to build the new GO! Athletes website.

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